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Sleep Hygiene: Get Better Sleep Quality, Live Better Days

In the US, 70 percent of adults experience insufficient sleep at least once a month, and 11 percent report inadequate sleep every night. If you’re one of the people who lie awake in bed for hours, you should reevaluate your sleep hygiene. This refers to a variety of practices that can improve your sleep quality. Follow this

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make up brushes

How Kindergarten Learnings Affect Eyebrow Makeup Application

The book All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum is a critically acclaimed book with a 93% rating from Google users. This book contains several essays about common things in an adult’s life that, according to Fulghum, are already taught in kindergarten. In retrospect, we think that this principle applies to the use

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couple having a counseling session

Marriage Counseling: When You Need it

People seek professional services to help them fix problems at home or in the workplace. But, in reality, professional services can also help fix broken relationships. Couples who are going through a rough time might be hesitant and in denial at first. But, having an objective third party who can help you see things in

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methusela diet

Deconstructing the Methuselah Diet

To live a long life, centenarians are probably the best people to ask for advice. They have lived to a hundred or more, and they can share a thing or two on how to double one’s lifespan. But with only one person out of 10,000 reaching the ripe age of 100, good luck in finding

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hand with psoriasis

The Best Makeup Tips to Conceal Psoriasis Flare-ups

Living with psoriasis could take its toll on anyone’s social life. This is especially true if your psoriasis lesions are on your face because you cannot cover them up with clothes. And without the right products, makeup will only make them look worse than they actually are. Below are simple skincare and makeup tips to

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tired businessman with piles of paperwork

Beyond the Stress: 3 Reasons You’re So Tired All the Time

Everyone feels tired from time to time. Sometimes, it’s due to the crazy schedule, moving from one meeting to another or attending your daughter’s recital one moment and then their soccer practice the next. Other times, it comes from poor sleep—that time you did a marathon of two seasons of your favorite TV series on

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Essences: An Essential Product for Your Skin Care Routine

All skin care junkies religiously follow a regimen that gives them smooth and glowing complexion. The rise of Korean skin care paved the way for a meticulous skin care system. If you follow the 10-step Korean routine, you know that the “essence” is an elixir you can’t skip. But how is it any different from

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father hugging wife and son

The Everyday Acts of Love in 4 Simple Ways

You can express your love for your family, friends and significant other in many ways. You may do so through spoken or written words. You can also demonstrate your appreciation for a loved one through gifts, from the typical flowers to their favourite objects. Your parents, siblings or spouse will appreciate your efforts, however simple.

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Mourning woman on funeral

Planning Your Own Funeral in Advance: A Practical Decision

Death is inevitable. It is a reality of life that no one can escape from. Fortunately, even though it is something you cannot avoid, it is something that you can prepare for. Planning your funeral might not be as popular as planning your birthday party or wedding, but it is a practical move that can

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Stethoscope and a syringe on a diabetes test

Bitter, Sweet: Three Ways Diabetes Affects Your Mood

When people think of diabetes, sugar readily comes into mind. But this health problem affects more than blood glucose — it could be the very reason you’re experiencing sudden shifts in your mood. Here are the ways diabetes can affect your emotional health: The blood sugar swings create mood swings. When your glucose is too

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