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Late-Night Munchies: How You Can Curb Your Cravings

Sometimes, our body clock can be unusual, and we’ll have cravings for food during the strangest times. If you’ve ever had that feeling of rummaging through your refrigerator late at night, you’re not alone. It’s quite natural. We understand that going on a diet can be challenging: you’re battling hunger and cravings while you’re going

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What It Means to Live in a Sober House When You’re Recovering

The first step toward recovery is a big deal and hard-won. But life in recovery is even more formidable as a challenge and a goal. Many who leave rehab and treatment centers find it difficult to cope with the everyday. And those who relapse do so because of exposure to triggers, lack of social support,

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Effectively Discerning Bad Stress from Good Stress

For much of our adult lives, we have to work eight hours a day, five days a week, 12 months in a year. If it weren’t for a group of industrial workers who wanted reforms in their workplace, we would be working without any weekends and “stressed out.” But what you might think as stressful is subjective,

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Home Decorating

Stress-Relieving Home Decorating Ideas to Use in Quarantine

Working from home and caring for our kids may keep our minds busy, but they don’t take away the anxiety induced by the pandemic. The fact that we can’t leave the house reminds us of the uncertainty every day, and it isn’t something we can pretend not to notice. But being stuck at home can

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business management

Essential Management for Healthcare Businesses

The demand for quality healthcare has steadily risen as population trends now shift towards older age. That’s why more and more entrepreneurs are setting up a healthcare or wellness business. Some state governments have even started offering tax breaks and other incentives to anyone looking to start a company that can provide a public good.

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Female experiencing headache

The Effects of Chronic Pain on Mental Health

Chronic pain can often be debilitating, primarily when it exists alongside other illnesses. But the adverse effects of long-lasting pain goes beyond the physical. It can also affect our emotional and mental health. According to research, chronic pain can be viewed as a neurological disease, as it can also negatively affect a patient’s cognitive processes,

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gluten free

Introducing a Gluten-Free Diet to Children

Parents of children diagnosed with celiac know how challenging celiac can be. From managing what your children eat to dealing with sensitivity issues, parents also have to deal with the symptoms that come with celiac. The symptoms of celiac usually appear at six months or two years of age, when the child is likely to

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woman thinking

Self-Care: Telltale Signs That You’re Not Taking It Seriously

Everyone lives in an age where society pushes people to be the best version of themselves. And sometimes, this can be achieved at the expense of one’s well-being. Rendering overtime work and being busy because of the career are often glorified. It’s like being exhausted has been considered as a badge of honor. However, you

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