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woman applying wax to feet

Five Reasons You Should Choose Waxing Over Shaving

With summer coming right through our doorsteps, we only have very little time to shave. Wearing our favorite sundresses and bikinis should be enough to keep our skin hair-free, especially our underarms. Although this area requires a lot of upkeep, it is a part of our body that we rarely discuss. There are even times when doing

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Woman drinking wine

Drink and Be Merry: Organising a Wine Party at Home

Friday nights are exciting. Of all the nights in the week, it must be the night that you always look forward to. The most common thing that people do when this time comes is go to the pub and have some merriment with their bitters. But this time, you might want to up the ante. You

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Here’s What Could Happen if You Ignore an Infected Tooth

An infected tooth requires medical attention. For one, the pain associated with an abscessed tooth can be unbearable. For another, it could develop into something more serious. Unfortunately, some people choose to ignore the pain and hope that the problem would go away on its own. Let this article be a warning for people who

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