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How to Know If You’re Ready to Find Love Online

Are you like many people who are hesitant to create an online dating profile? Overcoming your fears about modern dating can be difficult, especially if your previous experiences didn’t go well. Debunking Myths about Modern Dating Contrary to the notion that you can’t find real love online, lots of couples who met on dating sites

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Attitudes That Every Good Writer Should Have

Some people are good at dancing and like to manifest this by joining dance crews or posting videos online. Some people are good at art, and take countless classes or even enrol in art school in order to enhance their craft. If you’re talented at writing, you might’ve thought where it could take you? You

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Cut of Your Jib: How Much is a Tailored Suit?

There’s no substitute for a nice suit; a well-fitted suit can convey different types of personalities, from powerful and authoritative to cool and chic. But this is only possible if your suit actually fits you. While there are hundreds of off-the-rack and ready-to-wear options, the best and only way for you to get a suit

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Does Acrylic Paint Work on Fabric? Yes, and Here’s How

Despite what many people tell you, acrylic paint can most definitely be used to create fabric paint that’s easy-to-use, and long lasting, but only if you take a few necessary steps to convert into a medium that could work on most types of cloth. In true DIY fashion, it’s always best to mix your own

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The Most Expensive Fabrics in the World

Not all fabrics are made equal. Have you ever noticed how some pieces of clothing or bedspread or blanket cost more than others like it? Aside from brand, quality, and size, the type of fabric used also plays a part of it. Fabrics that are more difficult to obtain are more expensive than fabrics that

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Sewing 101: How to Sew with Needle and Thread

Sewing is a basic living skill every adult should know. Unless you’re swimming in money, it’s impractical to discard clothes, pillow cases, sheets, and other fabric items that have minor issues that can easily be fixed with a few stitches. Some may see sewing as a laborious task whether done by hand or sewing machine,

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How a Couple’s Individual Financial Situations Affect Their Relationship

If you’re thinking about co-habiting, or currently co-habiting, or thinking about getting married in the future, it is important to discuss financial matters with your partner. It may not be your favorite topic, especially if it’s becoming the root cause of arguments, but living with someone for an indefinite period will involve making decisions involving

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Dealing with Eating Disorders: The Elements of Family-Based Therapy

Most patients battling bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and OSFED (others specified feeding or eating disorders) are adolescents. While several therapies have come up in the past to address these eating disorders, one of the most effective is family-based therapy (FBT). This is a manualized therapy handled by trained professionals. The treatment can be done in outpatient

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Cosmetic Procedures For Men: What Will Work For You?

Just like women, men worry about their looks. If you are one the men who don’t like what they see in the mirror, then you can do something about it. Healthy habits and exercise are just one part of it. Several cosmetic procedures can help with a variety of conditions. Here are some of them:

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Do You Need a Physiotherapist for Your Foot Pain?

The feet are your body’s most used and abused parts, making them susceptible to various injuries such as traumatic sprains and fractures. Foot pain can be caused by everyday wear and tear, sports injury, or improper footwear. Obesity is also a contributor as carrying extra weight adds more pressure on your feet. However, debilitating and

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