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Eating to Gain: Superfoods for Building Muscle Mass

When you think of the types of food to eat when building muscles, it’s typical for your mind to go to white meat, specifically chicken breast. But gaining muscle mass takes more than eating your weight in protein. You will also need food that will give you energy so you can work out longer. Additionally,

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Powerful Dating Tips for Men

Dating is a hot topic for women. But, this area is also daunting for men. They also feel overwhelmed and at a loss on what to do. Even more so because they do not discuss it as openly as women. Are you thinking of pursuing a woman to date? You might find this list helpful

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Bad Sleeping Habits You Should Stop Doing

Sleep is vital for our well-being, and whenever you have a terrible night’s rest that was not enough, you can end up irritable, fatigued, and even sick if you prolong this poor sleep. Not only does poor sleep act as a host to other health problems down the line, but it can also be happening

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Why Millennials Welcome Couples Therapy More Than Baby Boomers

These days, more couples are seeking counseling. No, we are not just talking about married couples. Even those who are still in the early stage of their relationship are now more open to couples therapy. Do you have any idea which generation is more welcoming of relationship counseling? As it turns out, millennial couples are actually the

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Three Stress Relievers You’re Craving During Quarantine

Getting stuck at home for months leave you wanting things you used to take for granted. There used to be a time when you spent weekends outside and appeased bad days with a quick visit to the mall. Society has relied so much on external devices to cater to life’s stressors that many feel lost

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Instances That You Need an Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan is one of the most common medical assessments that doctors prescribe especially when they need to diagnose your condition for the first time. That said, ultrasound scan services are everywhere to accommodate patients who seek medical consultations without the need for hospital admission. It would help us understand this medical service more

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Retreat Options to Try When You’re Too Stressed Out

Life can sometimes become so stressful that sometimes, it’s best to step away from your everyday routine and simply connect with your inner self. An excellent way to achieve this is to go on a retreat. Personal quiet retreats allow you to recharge and recollect yourself, giving you the chance to reflect and gain new

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Why Fat Shaming Never Helps People and Could Cause Mental Illness

Late-night TV host James Corden—he himself admittedly overweight—called out fellow TV host Bill Maher last year for asking fat shaming “to make a comeback.” Maher said that there are too many overweight and obese people that they should be fat-shamed to lose weight and exercise more. Corden made a valid point in his rebuttal. He said

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How to Date in the Time of Coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus disease has changed and hampered worldwide lifestyles. Employees who work for non-essential companies or services now work from home. Others simply stopped working altogether. People have also stayed away from clubs, cafes and restaurants and have gone online instead to keep up with friends and family. Work and socialisation may

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