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Tips to Improve Mental Health During the Pandemic

Millions of people are currently facing mental health challenges due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. According to a recent survey report from the Centers for Disease Control, adults in the United States were found to have adverse COVID-19 related mental health conditions. The same report found that out of 5470 respondents, a whopping

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Yoga: How India Conquered America without Firing a Single Shot?

Arguably, the difference cannot be wider between India and America. One country is deeply rooted in its past, somehow unchanging through the times. It’s true. Many of India’s practices are considered “taboo” to the Western world. A classic example is an extreme adoration given to cows, considered the most sacred animal in India. You can

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8 Habits that Ruin Rugs & Carpeting

When properly taken care of, rugs and carpets will last for years and possibly even beyond their expected lifespan. In contrast, poor maintenance of your rugs and carpets can have them deteriorating earlier than expected, leaving you with no choice but to replace them entirely. If you want to keep your rugs and carpets in

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Trauma: Effective and Healthy Methods of Coping

As we grow older, we get more mature in dealing with specific social scenarios and situations that might arise. A part of dealing with these scenarios can adapt to specific changes in our environment. As humans, we are also an emotional species and a part of being emotional means that we tend to shut ourselves

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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: Reducing Time and Stress From Meal Preparation

Healthy eating can be considered a must, especially now when you need to build up your body resistance against disease. But with the health trends nowadays, people are somewhat pressured into being particular with every little detail of their meals, from ingredients to the actual cooking. After all, they have to be in control of

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Worker Safety: Practicing Social Distancing on Construction Sites

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an issue across the world. And even though Australia is starting to flatten the curve, cases are still above 20,000. During the six months since stay-at-home orders were implemented throughout the country, different industries suffered major setbacks. One of them was construction. Now that lockdown restrictions are starting to

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Activities to Help Prevent Work Stress from Consuming You

Kids often dream of growing up quickly so that they can make decisions for themselves. Thousands of movies and stories portray the benefits of becoming an adult. As you start to grow up, your imagination is far from reality. There are a lot of responsibilities that go with becoming an adult. To help you accomplish

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Temporary Fillings and Restorations: Do You Really Need Them?

Dental care has moved from the treatment of issues that affect the strength and integrity of your teeth to encompass the cosmetic appearance of a person’s bite and smile, too. These days many people want to feel confident when they speak or smile because they reveal bright, perfectly straight, and evenly spaced teeth. Unfortunately, in

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Taking Care of Your Health in a Difficult Situation

It is our nature to care for other people, especially our loved ones. Even if we are facing our own battles and problems, we still worry about our family and work hard to provide for them. But no matter how busy or committed we are to work and other things, we should not forget to

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How To Stay Active And Productive During A Pandemic

With the pandemic ravaging the world, people are advised to avoid gatherings and social events. With events canceling due to safety and health reasons, it is no wonder event planners and organizations are now adapting virtual events. Virtual events have been around for a while. With recent events, industries are now exploring virtual events in place

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