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Self-care Strategies While Working from Home

While the economy is set to recover in the coming months as vaccine rollouts progress, many companies are still requiring their employees to work from home. In some industries, we also see the work-from-home trend continuing even after the pandemic. While many people have learned to adapt to the new normal, others are still struggling

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How People are Entertaining Themselves amid COVID-19

The pandemic redefined the meaning of staying indoors. With the threat of the virus making people worry over about their health and safety, we can’t help but shelter in place. What used to be a fun way to spend the weekend after a busy week turned into everyone’s reality. Sheltering in place is boring. Not

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Latest Trends for a Relaxing Bedroom

People had never been more aware of the value of their homes than in the past year. The pandemic had given most homeowners a new perspective about how to design their homes. Most became more creative to achieve different results. They aim both for aesthetics and functionality. They want to have a sanctuary from all

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NYU Classes That You Should Consider Taking

It’s only fitting that ‘the greatest city in the world’ has a university that offers some of the most unique classes that a school can offer. As one of the most prestigious universities in the country –and the world –NYU classes offer students a chance to build a wide knowledge base, with one NYU school,

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Going Green: Making Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

According to studies, around 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste were generated by cities worldwide in 2016. This figure is expected to soar up to 70% by 2050. Research also showed that around 5 trillion tonnes of plastic bags are used each year globally. We all know that plastic products can harm our environment in

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Wig Healthy

More and more women who struggle with hair loss wear wigs with pride. In fact, wigs are now used to change styles and hair color depending on their mood. With wigs becoming more popular, the demand for wig care products has skyrocketed as well. Whether you’re wearing full lace natural human hair wigs or synthetic

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Marrying Type: Are You with Your “Forever Person”?

You’re over-the-moon for this person, and all signs are pointing to the churches and reception party venues. You have a few questions you need answers to get married. How can someone tell they’ve met their person and they’re ready to tie the knot? These signs show you’re ready. This Isn’t Just a Phase It’s just

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How Technology Affects the Food Business

According to a 2020 report by the National Restaurant Association, sales in the restaurant industry will hit 899 billion dollars this year. It indicates close to a 5% increase in revenue compared to 2019. While 5% doesn’t seem like much, it represents almost 50 million dollars when converted into cash. This is more than the economies of several

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