Going Bananas: Three Fashionable Fabrics from Fruits

Fashion is fast evolving. Everyone is aware what’s trendy in the ‘80s could be taboo today. And that’s just how it is. In the 1800s, the new century identified itself from the past generation with its neoclassical dress that aptly revealed the contours of the natural body. The concept was inspired by the chemise dress worn

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woman in her pajamas

What Will Post-pandemic Dressing Look Like?

For many people, fashion has always been their creative outlet. But as they live through the COVID-19 pandemic, these people have traded dress pants and stilettos for pajamas and slippers. With that in mind, what do you think will post-pandemic fashion look like? Will people go back to their pre-pandemic habits to do a sort

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Accessories You Can Add to Your Friday Casual Work Attire

Many companies have a “dress down Friday” policy, in which employees can wear more casual clothes to work. However, even that can have a dress code. There are still limits on what kind of clothes employees can wear or the extent to which casual wear is considered appropriate. An office is a professional setting, so

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Pieces You’ll Need: Accessories That Never Go Out of Style

Dressing up nicely and striving to look your best should not be limited to important occasions only. Maintaining a daily accessory regimen that includes several core pieces can also be enjoyed even if you plan on staying at home all day, running some errands, or a casual weekend hangout with friends and family. Here are

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Modesty is Always a Statement

Contrary to the saying “less is more”, modesty is a choice that women make every day. Being able to choose what to wear is an exercise of will regardless of what other people say. There are many aspects of fashion where a modest style creates an impact on any runway. Even though women have different reasons

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What Celebrities Practice to Maintain Their Appearance

Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain their figure? Look no further. While many articles are detailing how celebrities look, there is no set answer for every single one. Many of these celebrities have different body types that cater to different treatments and different diets. While celebrities are mere mortals like us, these celebrities have

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The Clothing Items You Do Not Have to Wash Every After Use

You wear clothes every day and, often, have different clothes for different purposes. You have a specific set of clothing for working out, for hanging out, for the office or school, for special events, and even for sleeping. It is no wonder that laundry is no one’s favorite household chore. Most people have a designated

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after wedding ceremony

Fashion Trends in Wedding Ceremonies

Planning your dream wedding can be tough, especially if you want everything to be perfect. Ensuring that every small detail meets your preferences will definitely become a challenge. No wonder most couples decide to hire wedding experts. This way, they can have professionals helping them plan their special day. Unfortunately, some brides struggle to make

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Go-to Accessories that Every Working Woman Needs

You could have the sleekest looking two-piece suit in the office, but your whole ensemble won’t be complete without the right accessories. Whether you’re a woman working up the career ladder or a small business owner trying to make it in the market, here are some of the essential accessories that you need to have

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