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The Full Return of Y2K Fashion

Women’s fashion has evolved. They tend to try something new, and sometimes just ride with what’s in. Fashion trends tend to come back every 20 to 30 years, or less due to generational change and designers taking inspiration from styles that their parents wore. Technology has also contributed to its changes with people having more

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Can You Wear Activewear in the Office?

Wearing athleisure in the workplace is now an option. It wasn’t too long ago when office workers had to wear tight skirts and stilettos for women and a suit and wingtip oxford shoes for men. While those are still required in many offices and organizations, more and more companies are starting to allow their workers

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Safe Fashion: Choosing the Right Set of Clothes for Your Kids

Both children and adults need clothes to wear every day. But kids have more delicate skins compared to adults. So, parents have to be careful in choosing the clothing for their kids. That includes their safety, comfort, and their preference. These are the main rules that need to stay in a parent’s mind while buying

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Fashion Is Undergoing a Technological Revolution

Much like technology, fashion is always moving forwards. What started as a basic necessity to keep bodies warm and covered from harm has grown into a worldwide societal means of communicating social and beauty standards. It has taken an important part in people’s psychological stability. It has become one of the biggest avenues for art

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Summer’s Out And Autumn’s In, So It’s Time To Switch Up Your Wardrobe!

Whether you’re an avid fan of the latest fashion trends or just enjoy whatever works and feels best, there’s no denying that all of us love the chance to dress up now and then, really expressing ourselves through our outfits. And even though the global pandemic and staying cooped up in our bedrooms fiasco hasn’t encouraged anyone

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The Most Popular Accessories for Sale on the Internet

The online world has opened up a new market for small business owners, which larger retailers often overlook. Today’s ten hottest selling products being sold on the internet are generated from smaller sellers dabbling in e-commerce. These items have been trending on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, to be popular with

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Three Ways You Can Grow Your Modeling Agency

The landscape of fashion has transformed significantly over the last few decades as retailers are pressured to cater to more inclusive styles. There are calls to putting up less-represented talent in modeling agencies, focusing on plus-sized, transgender, or individuals with skin conditions such as vitiligo. You may have noticed the successes of rising stars in

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Fashion Trends Today: Different Styles to Try

Whenever we hear the word fashion, we immediately think about the extravagant accessories that an average person cannot wear daily. We also associate the word fashion with the clothes where models used to wear only on the runway. Due to the evolving nature and having a deeper understanding of fashion by younger generations, people have

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Iconic Fashion Pieces for Milestones of Your Life

Dressing up for the occasion has an impact on the overall mental health of the individual. Clothes and accessories can become a statement of someone’s beliefs and a reflection of their personality. People might perceive their style either as their safety blanket, armor, or their superpower. These are reasons fabric and how it is worn

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What It Takes to Be the Next Global Fashion Brand

Fashion is always looking out for the next big brand. When successful, an upcoming fashion designer will be able to reach a global consumer base. Maybe you heard the phrase from the show “Making the Cut,” starring Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. A step up from “Project Runway,” the show explores how designers need to

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