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getting an autograph

Is It Genuine: Knowing How Autographs Are Authenticated

Collectibles have become a massive hit over the past year. Since the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic, everyone has tried to find more ways to keep their minds away from stress and anxiety. For many people, they found solace in collecting all kinds of items that they could add to their growing set of

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pixel art

Understanding Why Pixel Art Is Popular Then and Now

In the mid-90s, major motion picture companies started releasing 3D films, often met with mainstream success. Video game companies soon followed, releasing an array of 3D video games that eventually defined the industry. Computer graphics begin to adopt a skeuomorphism approach when designing their interface. Designers and critics were saying that the future is in

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man doing a video shoot

The Elements of a Great Documentary Film

A documentary film is one of the most effective ways to explore a pressing issue, document an event, uncover a mystery, or educate the public. This medium of storytelling is so flexible that it can be used by any individual or organization to tell a story for whatever purpose. While anyone can make a documentary,

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choosing a flooring

Guide to Renovating the House on a Budget

The pandemic compelled people to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. The situation also allowed them to improve their homes and enhance the way they looked. Home improvement projects require a considerable budget, especially if you plan a major renovation. But if you do not have the budget for the moment, you

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person working in the balcony

5 Ways to Design Your Utah Home Office

In 2020, about 40 percent of the state’s workforce skipped the offices and instead set up shop in their homes. A good number are also less likely to return to full-time office work even when the pandemic has already ended. This then means that a home office is no longer an option but a must.

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planning wedding

Tips for Planning Your Wedding After the Pandemic

Imagine the pandemic and all the lockdown restrictions ending tomorrow. Suddenly, that wedding date you have been dreaming of in the past year is now entirely possible. Now what? Between the planning, booking and inviting tasks, you may soon find that you don’t have as much time as you thought you did. You blame yourself

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paint brushes

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Gouache

As an art enthusiast for over three decades, I can proudly say that gouache is perhaps my favorite medium of all. It’s the most versatile of mediums, capable of mixing the fluidity of watercolor with the flow of acrylic. It’s beautiful enough for master painters yet forgiving enough for beginners to fall in love with

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Selling Your Talent: Online Business Options for Artists

Not so long ago, people thought that there was no money in art degrees, but that’s definitely not true now. The rise of the internet and technology has helped artists expand their careers and business opportunities. It gives them a whole new platform that is equal ground to both novice and veteran artists. More than

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