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How to Live-Stream Your Virtual Wedding

Life as we knew it has since been up-ended by this pandemic. As wedding ceremonies and other public gatherings remain banned, you can still get married by exchanging vows in a videoconferencing call. How can you have a successful virtual wedding then? Here’s how. Hire Essential Vendors Although many businesses have halted operations, there may still

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On the Money: Three Types of Worthwhile Investments

While financial security may be the goal for a lot of people, it can take on different meanings. Some define it as the capability to pay off all bills or have savings for retirement. Whether you define it the same way, it’s understood that you need to spend money responsibly to achieve financial security. One

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Unleash Your Creativity: Bullet Journal Necessities

The modern world is obsessed with productivity. Articles and videos on streamlining work and hacking habits are commonplace. Digital stores hold a myriad of mobile and web-based productivity applications like Kanban-style Trello, note-taking workspace Notion, and to-do-list Wunderlist. Meanwhile, on the analog side, paper planners tout their personal management systems and calendars to keep track

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How to Boost E-commerce Conversion Rates

There are thousands of online stores and more popping up by the hour. This makes competing in the online digital market more challenging. This is why entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to boost their brand reach and profit. Everything must be on point because every detail can affect a customer’s buying decision. Here’s how

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Can Acrylic Paint Be Used on Wood? Yes, It Can.

Acrylic paint is a very useful type of paint for all types of painters. It’s versatile and can work well on different types of surfaces. Its properties make it water soluble, allowing you to change its consistency depending on the finish you want. Yet, when it dries, it becomes waterproof, weatherproof, and anti-cracking to withstand

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Art for Millionaires: The World’s Most Expensive Paintings

Much like most people my age, my introduction to the art world came in three forms: Bob Ross, Art Attack, and Mr. Rogers. Sure, they may not be ‘high’ art like the Renaissance masters, but it’s what instilled a love for art in me as a child, and it’s what gave me my sense of

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Is Paint Flammable? Practice Caution When Handling These Paint Products

Painting is a useful tool in art and construction. You’ll find various types of paint depending on price, quality, finish, and purpose. In office and school supply stores, you’ll find washable water-based paints for students and painting beginners. And in hardware stores, you can find high-grade paints and spray cans. But don’t let the colors

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