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Traditional Decor: Is It Making A Comeback?

Typically, architecture and interior design are mirrors to a particular time and reflect an individual’s identity. For instance, the 1920s saw the revival of Egyptian architecture through art deco, which was a major influence of most buildings in New York and other metropolitan areas in the United States during the time period. This “hybrid” of

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Home Decorating

Drawing Inspiration from Your Travels When Designing Your Home

When we design our homes, we unintentionally draw inspiration from the things we love to do. Our homes, therefore, are a reflection of our personalities, the places we’ve been to, and the dreams we have and have not accomplished. These spaces are the culmination of who we are and how we see ourselves. Designing our

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Ways to Apply Art in Your Daily Life

What do you think about when you hear the word art? You think about paintings and sculptures, right? You think about illustrations, colors, and abstracts. But that’s what art is in a museum. Art is so much more in real life. You will be surprised to know that you can find art in every facet

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man posing for the camera

The Creative Art of Feel Good Photography

Photography has been an ever-evolving medium. But it has never lost its luster, and it remains one of the most impactful forms of media used both commercially and personally by millions. A photo from 100 years ago can evoke emotions just as powerful today, and a single image can go viral in minutes. But why

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Documentaries: How Can You Create Compelling Ones?

We’ve probably seen a lot of documentaries when we were children. Most of the time, these documentaries would be about World War 2, wildlife stalking their prey, or about some obscure murder case that happened decades ago. Often, we don’t need this trivial information in our lives, but there is something that makes it so

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Handmade or Store-bought? Learn to Sew Clothes Like a Pro

Dressmaking is always fun. It’s also cheaper than regularly buying from expensive brands. But it takes time, practice, and a lot of patience to turn your sewing projects into high-quality creations. Follow these steps to create fashionable garments that look and feel expensive. Invest in the Right Tools The first step to sewing professional-looking clothes is

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horse art

Bojack Horseman: What We Can Learn from Animals Acting Like Humans

Bojack Horseman is a show that has animals as the main characters of the show. What’s interesting about it, though, is how heart-warming and in-your-face it portrays human existence and mental health. It’s like an existential horror story. But at the end of the day, the show tells you that it’s going to be okay.

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Home office

Enhance Your Home Office with these Design Ideas

As many of us are now stuck working at home, we’ve set up home offices to try to get some semblance of structure to our workday. This separation of work and home life can get exhausting, not just in terms of time but also space. By putting up an area dedicated to just work, you

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wedding video

How to Live-Stream Your Virtual Wedding

Life as we knew it has since been up-ended by this pandemic. As wedding ceremonies and other public gatherings remain banned, you can still get married by exchanging vows in a videoconferencing call. How can you have a successful virtual wedding then? Here’s how. Hire Essential Vendors Although many businesses have halted operations, there may still

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