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Inspiration and Vision: Seeking the Creative Mind

The stress and disruption of the pandemic have left many artists with a sense of ennui and a lack of direction. Art should never be restricted, but the pandemic has forced quarantines and lockdowns that have left artists unable to access their studios or enjoy the freedom of movement they need to stoke their inspiration.

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spiderman hanging upside down

Spider-Man: No Way Home | Will It Be A Home Run For Marvel Studios?

With movie experience taken out last year due to the pandemic, folks are excited about finally going back to the theaters to enjoy movies. As economies reopen, several cinemas have also resumed their operations, albeit at a significantly lower capacity, and have made the appropriate adjustments to ensure public health and safety. As we go

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farm house

Incorporating the Farmhouse Style into Your House

Designing your home is an act of self-expression. It also must evoke the mood that you want to have in each room. Each style has some unique elements that make a homeowner choose it among the others. Farmhouse style is about simplicity, practicality, and cordiality. These three things are what make this home design appealing

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living interior

Stylish Ideas That Can Make Your Home Look Like an Art Haven

Comfort is the number one priority when arranging your home, but your decor is the one that sets the mood and breathes life to your house’s theme. Whether it’s to impress your visitors or a way to satisfy your artistic cravings, everyone can agree that a beautiful home makes it look and feel all the

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art concept

Is Your Child Artistic? Here’s How to Cultivate Their Talent at Home

Discovering your child’s talents is always special. It gives you a glimpse of what their future might be like or what careers they are most likely to pursue. It also says a lot about their personalities and makes it easier to create meaningful interactions. Above all, this discovery gives you the perfect opportunity to assist

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choosing colors

The Psychology of Color: Associating Colors with Consumer Behavior

Do you feel a certain calmness when surrounded by blue skies and lush greenery? Do you ever wonder why you feel alarmed whenever the red light flashes at the stop sign? Every color has a personality and meaning, and that’s why most people attribute their personal styles to a specific color. The same goes for

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getting an autograph

Is It Genuine: Knowing How Autographs Are Authenticated

Collectibles have become a massive hit over the past year. Since the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic, everyone has tried to find more ways to keep their minds away from stress and anxiety. For many people, they found solace in collecting all kinds of items that they could add to their growing set of

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pixel art

Understanding Why Pixel Art Is Popular Then and Now

In the mid-90s, major motion picture companies started releasing 3D films, often met with mainstream success. Video game companies soon followed, releasing an array of 3D video games that eventually defined the industry. Computer graphics begin to adopt a skeuomorphism approach when designing their interface. Designers and critics were saying that the future is in

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