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Making a Stylish Impression on a Budget

Everybody loves to live stylishly. Some would even travel, take more photos, and eat in fine dining restaurants. To live stylishly is something that everybody does to satisfy themselves. It is a way of pampering one’s self to feel deserving of their hard-earned money. But, living stylish should not be expensive. It does not need to

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How Society and Culture Influence Baby Name Trends

Just two decades ago, you’d never hear of any baby girl baptized “Khaleesi.” But in 2018, the name ranked among the top 1,000 names for girls. That year, 560 baby girls were named “Khaleesi,” thanks to the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. This sudden surge in popularity proves that a lot of factors influence

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Vital Pointers for Preparing Your Home for Autumn

Living in a climate emergency means being prepared for how the weather and temperature can swing from one extreme to the next. This year is no exception. After experiencing one of the hottest summers on record, people might expect one of the coldest falls and winters they’ve ever had. It will be autumn again in less than two months,

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get your kids into music

Get your Kids into Music and Take Some Positive Benefits

Music has a positive impact, whether you are just listening or you are completely into it – singing, playing instruments, and creating your brand of sounds. It is especially advantageous for youngsters to discover and develop their potential in this field. As long as they have some interest, they would undoubtedly flourish, reaping the positive

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Upcycling Paper Craft: What Can You Do to Reuse Paper?

While most paper products are compostable and biodegradable, some people would still be hesitant to throw them out with abandon. This is because clean paper can still be reused in many ways. For example, brown paper bags can wrap gifts or pack fragile items during a move. Old magazines and newspapers can be used for art projects

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The Endearing and Enduring History and Legacy of Coach

When it comes to handbags or purses, only a few can have the bragging rights of being both endearing and enduring. These include Coach. The brand that started in a family-run workshop in Manhattan, New York, remains one of the most coveted despite the pandemic. Tapestry, the primary company of both Coach and Kate Spade,

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Show, Don’t Tell: Letting Your Products Take Center Stage

Before the eCommerce industry ever existed, brick-and-mortar shops dominated the world of retail. Businesses boomed because they have little to no competition other than those in the same niche as them, and there were enough customers for everyone to go on with their day-to-day operations unperturbed. There are also plenty of market factors working in

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Turning Your Photography Hobby Into a Business

Turning any artistic hobby into a profession can be challenging for most, be it crochet, painting, digital art, or photography. Aside from the high competition, there a lot of paths you can take, and one is not always better than the other. Nevertheless, becoming a professional photographer is not impossible, nor is it always very

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Inspiration and Vision: Seeking the Creative Mind

The stress and disruption of the pandemic have left many artists with a sense of ennui and a lack of direction. Art should never be restricted, but the pandemic has forced quarantines and lockdowns that have left artists unable to access their studios or enjoy the freedom of movement they need to stoke their inspiration.

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