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Can Acrylic Paint Be Used on Wood? Yes, It Can.

Acrylic paint is a very useful type of paint for all types of painters. It’s versatile and can work well on different types of surfaces. Its properties make it water soluble, allowing you to change its consistency depending on the finish you want. Yet, when it dries, it becomes waterproof, weatherproof, and anti-cracking to withstand

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Art for Millionaires: The World’s Most Expensive Paintings

Much like most people my age, my introduction to the art world came in three forms: Bob Ross, Art Attack, and Mr. Rogers. Sure, they may not be ‘high’ art like the Renaissance masters, but it’s what instilled a love for art in me as a child, and it’s what gave me my sense of

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Different kinds of paint

Is Paint Flammable? Practice Caution When Handling These Paint Products

Painting is a useful tool in art and construction. You’ll find various types of paint depending on price, quality, finish, and purpose. In office and school supply stores, you’ll find washable water-based paints for students and painting beginners. And in hardware stores, you can find high-grade paints and spray cans. But don’t let the colors

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vintage singer sewing machine

Threading an Old Singer Sewing Machine for Some Vintage Vibes

When people start arguing about needlepoint vs. cross-stitch, I always tell people that I prefer the use of a sewing machine. After the gasps and the swooning, I explain that, for me, sewing has always been a practical hobby for me, and while needlepoints and cross-stitching will always produce beautiful designs, you just can’t match

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Hand Dyed Yarns: Which Ones Hold Color the Best?

When it comes to hand-dyed yarns, whether for needlepoint and cross-stitch or other types of sewing techniques, you’re going to need the right kind of yarn to really bring out the colors you want to put in. In general, most types of yarn will take on colors from dyes, albeit in varying shades and intensities.

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girl painting

Is Acrylic Paint Washable? The Basics of Choosing Acrylic Paint

Your choice of paint is a very personal and subjective experience; it’s a big indicator of your style, and it also influences the techniques you’ll be using in your painting. Whether it’s gouache on canvas or oil painting on wood, Pollack or Pointillism, you need to have the right information at hand to make the

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different samples of embroidery stitches

What Is the Difference Between Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, and Embroidery

With more and more people getting into crafts, one of the more popular trend involves cloth, threads, and needles. Some would call it embroidery, while others needlepoint, and others cross stitch. But just because all three art forms involve the same materials does not mean they are the same thing or can be used interchangeably.

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