ToCanvas is an online magazine that curates some of the best, most positive content from the internet, because we believe that we all deserve a dose of happy in our digital lives. From art and design to fashion and lifestyle (with a healthy dose of travel, the outdoors, and wellness in between!), our magazine’s articles are designed to both inform and entertain. Basically, we want ToCanvas to be your very own little happy and artsy corner on the internet!

We’re able to cover all these topics and more thanks to our diverse team of writers and editors who all come from various fields of industry, from fashion designers and visual artists to scholars and animal lovers. We know what our readers want because, well, we are our readers! We seek out human stories that intersect with art, fashion, travel, and the digital world, because that’s the best way to understand the weird and wonderful world we live in!

At its core, ToCanvas is an online magazine for readers and by readers, which means we’re also open to collaboration from our subscribers. After all, what better way to tell a good story than by having you tell the story for us!


Richard Carlin

Richard Carlin is ToCanvas’ editor-in-chief and resident goofball. Richie, as we like to call him, is a writer and a visual artist, although his real day job is being a real-life Dr. Dolittle! That’s because Richard is also a full-time veterinarian in his hometown of Salem in Massachusetts. In his free time, he likes to decorate pumpkins in preparation for his town’s biggest holiday every year with his partner Michael.

Ed Urbino

Ed Urbino is a photographer and digital artist. He spends most of his time managing his small gallery in New York, but his other preoccupation is writing for several art publications. Other than contributing articles, he also serves as ToCanvas’ consulting editor.

Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips has it all: he’s a graduate of Harvard with a degree in Psychology, he’s modeled for some of the biggest modeling agencies in Sydney, Paris, and London, he’s served a tour of duty in the U.S. Army as a psychologist, and is currently serving in the U.S. Peace Corp. When he’s not being a superman and a resident writer for ToCanvas, he likes to cuddle up with her wife Stephanie and their 18 (yes, eighteen!) rescue dogs at their home in Hong Kong.


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