Creating the Perfect  can you get a yeast infection from taking ciprofloxacin pet canvas

Do you want to create the Viagra Online Lloyds Pharmacy perfect pet canvas? Have you been searching for the amazing image for your home? Would you love to see the smiling face of your pup every time you walk into the kitchen? Check out our handy tips for the comprar viagra online con garantia perfect pet canvas.

Why do people keep pets?

For over 10,000 years humans have kept domesticated animals as companions. From the Egyptians believing the first felines to be demi-gods to Buddhist Monks rearing goldfish in nearby ponds, humans have undoubtedly had a deep-seated respect for their pets as far as we remember.  In earlier times of human civilization, pets were reserved for the wealthier of society as keeping a pet purely for pleasure was a luxury lower classes were unable to afford. These days’ people keep pets because they provide loyalty, companionship and unconditional love. Countless studies have shown that owning a pet is beneficial to our health. Dog walking each day increases physical exercise and the opportunity to socialize with others and owning pets of any kind have been proven to –

Not to mention those pets that help their owners’ everyday with certain disabilities such as “seeing eye dogs” that provide an invaluable service to their master.

Tips on how to photograph your pet for the perfect pet canvas

pet canvasPet photography has been around since the first personal cameras came into manufacture and is the perfect way to immortalize your beloved pets on film. Whether displayed in the office or at home there is a sense of pride when looking at images of our animals and what better way to show them off than pet canvas art or a collage of your favorite snaps. Some owners choose to hire professional pet photographers to take snapshots of their pets for their pet canvas but this can be costly, a more affordable option is to try your hand a pet photography. Here are some helpful hints and tips to get a great shot of your pet.

  • Personality – Before you pick up the camera for your pet canvas, think about your pet’s personality as this is what you what to capture on film and it will help you decide the context of the shoot. For example if you have a naughty Terrier that likes to jump up or chase their toys, set up somewhere outside with plenty of room and their favorite toys and treats. Or if you have a fat tabby cat that enjoys lying on the sofa, take shots in the evening when they are ready for a snooze. Not only will this you’re your pet at ease but you end up with a pet canvas of your pet the way you will remember them.


  • Location – When choosing a location to photograph your pet for your pet canvas, choose a place that your pet will be familiar with. This will keep your pet at ease and have special meaning to you both. This will give extra sentimental value to your images for years to come.


  • Background – Be aware of what’s in the background of your photograph. When shooting an image for a pet canvas, the best backgrounds are often the simplest. Areas such as green grass, foliage, plain walls or floors do not detract from your pet and in turn will be less distracting for your animal when taking the picture.


  • Positioning – For a great pet canvas try to get in close to your pet. This is simplest using a zoom lens on your camera and although getting in close can be tricky as you pet will be moving somehow, it is worth it in the end to get a clear image of your pet.  Getting on their level will also give you the best perspective. An eye to eye view you pet will provide you with a much more personal and intimate view of your pet than you would achieve standing above them.


  • Framing – Just like humans, pets can look different depending on how you frame your shot. Taking close snaps of your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth with a slightly out of focus background is a great way of showing a different side of your pet for your pet canvas and also show off your skill and creativity as a photographer.

  • Lighting – Using a flash is not recommended when photographing your pets as the bright flash can often startle or frighten them. Natural light is by far the best option either outdoors or in rooms of your home that let plenty of light in. Dark and furry pets can often absorb light so you may want to over expose the image slightly to show more detail to really get the best from your pet canvas.

  • Action! – Catching your pet unawares, in the middle of play can often provide the best image. If your pet goes out to play in the garden grab your camera to achieve loving and natural shots. As your animal is moving around catching the action without blurring can be challenging. Try using a fast shutter speed on your digital camera to get a streamline of action images, or should your camera not have this option, most digital cameras these days have a “Sport Mode” that allows for a slightly faster shutter speed.

  • Keep it fresh – To get the best images image for your pet canvas, keep your pets stimulated throughout the shoot using their toys or treats. Moving toys around out of shot can get your pet to stare into the camera and to give more animated expressions. Remember to change up your toys and treats at various intervals during your shoot to ensure your pet does not become bored.

  • Include your humans – Including your loved ones in the shot with your pet can make the pet canvas very special. For example images of your children playing with the family dog will be treasured for years to come and when put on to pet canvas can be a personal and unique gift.

Tips on selecting the best image for your pet canvas

Selecting an image of your pet for your canvas print can be tricky. Here are some handy hints and tips on how to choose the perfect image to show off you treasured pets.

  • Who is your pet canvas print for? If your pet canvas print is a gift for a loved one, think about their pet’s personality and what they love/loved most about them. Often people will have their favorite images of their pets already displayed somewhere in their home. Take a look and see if they have an image they love and would be thrilled to see blown up on pet canvas.

  • Personality – When choosing an image for your pet canvas, choose a shot that best shows off their personality. Did your dog love a special bone? Do you have a shot with him chewing it? Did you kitten love her scratching post? See if you have a picture of them at their happiest, this way the images will never fail to make you smile in the years to come.

  • Lighting – It is important as with any pet canvas print that you choose an image that has great lighting. Animals are often photographed in natural lighting as not to startle them with a harsh flash so pictures taken outside in natural light are usually the clearest.  Aquariums can be excellent subjects for pet canvas art as the vibrant colours and soft lighting make for an interesting image.

Why a pet canvas is the ideal gift

As in all families there is usually someone who is notoriously hard to buy for and Pet Canvas Art can be the perfect gift. Here are some great pet canvas art gift ideas.


  • Buying for Dad – Dads can be difficult to buy for especially if you have already purchased the standard socks, mugs, gardening books over the years. A canvas of their trusted pet can be a thoughtful and sentimental gift for a proud owner.


  • Sadly Passed on – A photo print canvas of a beloved pet whom is no longer with us can be a comforting and thoughtful gift for a loved one that will make them smile for generations. These beautiful works of art can be a loving tribute to a much loved and missed pet.

  • Photo Restoration – Found an image for a loved one that is in need of restoration? Over time images fade due to sun damage, watermarks, tearing and creasing. Luckily there are plenty of websites offering not only stunning canvas art but can also restore your old images to their former glory. Take a look at our article on photo restoration and see a picture of your pet could do with a spruce up.

Where to Hang your Pet Canvas

Once you have found the perfect image of your pet for your canvas print, you need to decide where it will hang in your home. Here are some excellent styling hints and tips on where to hang your pet canvas.

  • Kitchens – Canvas prints of your pet take pride of place in the kitchen.  Try changing your image into Sepia for a country cottage feel.  Or a panoramic canvas of your pet would suit a contemporary kitchen perfectly.

  • Living room – Living rooms can be lifted with a great pet canvas of your pet at their most playful. Running around the park with the children or even a hamster nibbling on some fruit is an original way to bring art and your interests together in your home.


  • Bathroom – A pet canvas of your pit-bull terrier might look great in the kitchen but the bathroom calls for softer images. Do you have a shot of your shimmery goldfish or even a tropical aquarium? pet canvases such as these are perfect for nautical bathrooms. Try changing your pet canvas to black and white or sepia to suit most bathroom décor.

  • Bedroom –  Your beloved pet canvas print can look great in the bedroom, simply change the style of image depending on who’s bedroom you are looking to hang your canvas. Black and white images of cats are perfect for your own bedroom for a chic boudoir theme. For a child’s room use images of your pet canvas and child playing together to achieve a fun and playful look.

Overall have fun to create your beautiful pet canvas.