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Paxil us Crazy Canvas Coupons


The aim of the game? To get SIX stamps and get a FREE canvas!

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enter site When you buy a canvas, we stamp your coupon. We reward you with a stamp each time you buy something from our store. IF you are a first time buyer, we will give you an extra stamp just to say ‘thank you’. IF you recommend a friend, and they make an order, we give YOU another stamp. That means you could have 3 stamps on your coupon and would only be 3 away from a FREE canvas.
To keep count of your stamps, you just need to log in to your To Canvas account in the members lounge and this will hold all the details of your coupon, reminding you how many stamps you have and how many you need to get your free canvas up to £90.

source url Once you have your SIX stamps,just enter your coupon code into the crazy canvas coupon box on the order summary page and this will allow you to choose another canvas free of charge or deduct the price of one canvas from your current order.